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Graham Lee Carpets is one of the premier South London carpet companies. We are dedicated to outstanding customer service, providing you with the best available range. Our impressive catalogue covers everything from budget carpet and flooring solutions to designer carpets and collector’s items.

What Is The Best South London Flooring Option?

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Luxury Vinyl Floor



Carpets are the classic choice for any home or professional environment. Available in a wide range of colours, textures, and materials, no other material replicates the warmth and softness of carpets underfoot.

Do you need a carpet for your South London home or business? The secret is to match the right types of carpets to the location, as the right fit will bring out the best ambience in any room.

Any carpets for property developers, landlords, hotels, schools, offices, and industrial use should be generic and resilient. These high-traffic areas typically require hard-wearing carpet tiles or runners that don’t readily show the dirt.

In your home, you may prefer carpets with a more luxurious texture, and this is where choosing the right pile makes all the difference.

Type of Pile

You’ll generally find one of two types of carpets in London: woven or tufted.


Woven selections are loom-woven carpets that take longer to make and are more expensive. These products feel soft and silky using longer threads.


Tufted options are a more popular choice for a cheap carpet. London, UK, is a busy environment and tufted carpets are quick to make with a broader selection of materials.

Berber Carpet South London

Tufted Finishes

The type of finish determines the final aesthetic of the tufted flooring, including twist, Berber, flatweave, Saxony, shag, and velvet carpeting.

Twisted Carpet


The yarn is twisted together tightly in one direction. These options are durable and usually quite plain. You will need to find a stippled pattern to avoid showing the dirt easily in high-traffic areas like stairs and hallways. Most carpet stores London offer a range of these twist finishes in different colours.

Looped carpet

Looped Pile or Berber

You'll recognise these layers immediately because the fibres are continuous. Loops are more resilient than a twisted design, and Berber carpets are a sustainable option in most areas. The exception is if you have pets—claws may catch on the loops and pull the weaving loose.

flat weave carpet

Flat Weave

A flatweave finish consists of looped threads. It's a low-profile option that looks flat and smooth, so stairs and hallways benefit from the hardy texture.

Saxony Carpet


Flooring solutions like Saxony carpeting is a popular option for bedrooms. The longer tufts of this cut-pile option make it luxurious, though it is not quite as a deeply tufted as a shag but feels similar.

shag carpet


Flooring solutions like Saxony carpeting is a popular option for bedrooms. The longer tufts of this cut-pile option make it luxurious, though it is not quite as a deeply tufted as a shag but feels similar.


Velvet cut-pile carpets are reminiscent of woven carpets, but manufacturers use denser tufts to create a plush and even texture.

Baltiero Laminate Floor

Laminate Flooring

It’s hard to beat the look of wood flooring in any context. Most people can do without the expense and maintenance, though. Real wood flooring is a durable but exceptionally costly option.

Many of our customers prefer laminate flooring or vinyl flooring. The look is almost indistinguishable from wood but without the maintenance. Flooring laminate combines the convenience of luxury vinyl flooring and the aesthetic of real wood.

The fitting process is usually quick and requires minimal preparation. To make sure your fitting goes smoothly, check out the information below.

It’s true that laminate flooring had a reputation for looking cheap; and so did vinyl flooring. Modern laminate flooring bears little resemblance to the outdated colours and prints of fifty years ago, however.

The surface is durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance. It’s simple to wipe down laminate flooring and clean it off.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) brands such as Amtico, Karndean, and Polyflor offer a wide range of colours and textures to accent any room in your home. Since they’re made from multiple layers of PVC vinyl, these tiles are incredibly durable and last for years.

They are becoming ever more popular, especially for people looking for a cheaper alternative to timber flooring.

Luxury vinyl tiles are completely waterproof and require very little maintenance.

Call one of our South London carpet shops today to learn more about which flooring option might be the best for the flooring in your home.

Decorative Amtico flooring

Areas We Carpet

If you have been searching for “carpet installation sales near me?” then look no further. We provide flooring solutions to customers in South West and South East London. If you’re outside of the South London area we also serve the whole of Surrey. Give us a call, and we’ll show why our clients trust us for all their flooring solutions.

Free Home Estimating service

We understand carpeting is a significant investment for you, so our team works with you to find the best flooring solutions for your budget and lifestyle. We gladly provide a free estimate within the South London area.

Start by selecting the type of flooring laminate or carpets you prefer, and we’ll ask you to give our estimator your South London address for a site survey.

Our team assesses your current flooring and checks the measurements. Our estimator also considers the best fitting method for your home or business.


If you’re running a tight budget, doing some of the preparation yourself will save money. Tasks like removing the furniture and flooring ahead of installation also speed up the process.

We’re happy to assist with the preparation, so if you need us to move furniture or the old flooring, discuss it with our estimator on-site so that we include the costs of removal and disposal in the quote.

Carpet Installation

We ask that someone is home when we install your South London flooring. While our assessors take every precaution to provide accurate quotations, problems may crop up or become apparent when we rip up the old flooring.

Types of Carpets: Brands & Styles

As one of the premier carpet shops London trusts, Graham Lee Carpets only deal with reliable manufacturers. We choose carpet companies that provide attractive and durable flooring options, including:

If you’d like to see samples of the different brands, don’t Google, “carpet showrooms near me.”—we have branches in Ewell, Worcester Park, and Cheam. Come into any of our South London shops and compare our range of flooring and carpet.

Why not see our quality ranges for yourself before making your final decision? Ask our friendly consultants any London carpet materials that catch your eye.

The Right Material for South London Flooring

Wool Flooring

Wool is a natural fibre and costs more. It is hard to beat for durability and insulation, though.

If you live in a busy South East London flatlet, the noise-dampening properties also come in handy.

As a flooring, wool is durable and resilient, and the pile holds its shape better than any other option. Customers say that the softness and warm texture are also difficult to match.

Wool Mix Flooring

It is a common flooring option where we combine 80% wool with synthetic fibres. The texture is almost identical to natural wool. The synthetic fibres reduce the costs and improve the style range, though.

These rugs are easy to clean and highly durable, which works exceptionally well as an all-purpose option in South East London. It’s one of the most popular flooring options with our customers.

Polypropylene Flooring

Polypropylene is naturally resistant to stains and stands up well to harsh cleaning agents. It makes a popular option for flooring in high-traffic areas. The downside is that the fibres are flammable.

If you’ve searched for a “cheap carpet near me,” you’ll know this is a budget-friendly choice that’s difficult to beat.

Polyamide Flooring

Polyamide, or nylon carpeting, gives customers in South East London the broadest range of colours options. Unlike with wool, the hues are clear and vibrant.

Nylon rugs are usually treated to repel stains. These products are excellent for high-traffic areas and pets.

The condition varies significantly from one manufacturer to the next, so we recommend that customers stick to our stocked flooring brands for consistent quality.

Polyester Flooring

Polyester is a popular choice for deep-pile rugs like shag. If you feel the cold in winter, polyester shag in your South East London home will quickly warm up the room.

Flooring Budget

Carpeting is an investment, so it’s essential to choose the right flooring material. Wool is a wonderful choice but limits the colour. Polyamide comes in a wide range of colours but doesn’t insulate well.

High End Choices


The Velvet range is our premier line with 5% polyester and 15% nylon. These hard-wearing carpets feel as luxurious as velvet. It’s also easy to clean, and looks good for a lifetime.

Velvet is available in several colours and styles.


Featuring 80% wool and 20% nylon, the Wilton style is a continuous-strand design. The result is a silky texture that feels wonderful under your feet. It is available in several colours, so there’s a Wilton to match any decor.

Budget Carpets

Cheap carpet stores cut costs by selling inferior brands. We’ve opted for a different approach.

Our bulk-buying power allows us to negotiate significant discounts with manufacturers, providing superior quality at reasonable prices. Our discount carpets London are among the finest in the industry.

For example, the 100% Polyproylene budget range is ideal for high-traffic areas. The extensive colour range makes it easy to find the perfect match for your home.

The Best Rooms For Carpets

Nothing wears a rug out faster than placing it in the wrong location in the home. If you want a carpet to live up to its purpose, consider the blend and material best suited to the room and traffic.


An 80% wool blend is ideal for the bedroom. It's warm, absorbs sound and has admirable resilience. Consider a velvet finish for a more luxurious feel.

Dining Room

Eating spots are a reasonably high-traffic area, and a wool and polypropylene blend resists food spills well.

High Traffic Areas

The hall, landing, and stairs are also busy areas that get dirty fast. Polypropylene and wool in a heather finish looks fantastic for a long time, even with extensive use.

Lounge and Study

In a quieter area, a nylon option is ideal. Change the aesthetic by choosing a different pile pattern or shade.


Laminate flooring or vinyl flooring is a better option for a bathroom. If you'd prefer carpeting, you should look for 100% polyester. It dries quickly and features anti-microbial properties.

Commercial Carpet Fitters in South London

Businesses need floor solutions that are cost-effective and easy to clean—polypropylene fits the bill on both counts. Wool-blend also provides an excellent alternative for a high-end finish in client areas.

A seamless transition from the old to the new is crucial for places of work. Companies can no longer afford to shut down for a revamp. As professionals, we understand the specific needs of our South East London business customers, and our experts work efficiently so that you can reopen as soon as possible.

Our commercial fitting process starts with a comprehensive survey. Our estimator works with you to establish the best solution for each area, discussing flooring options and price differentials.

We prefer to give our customers a few flooring options to compare, and we will also recommend the best underlay. Most customers find it simpler for us to remove the old flooring and dispose of it. If you’d prefer to do this yourself, let our estimator know to include it in the quotation.

Once you give us the go-ahead, installation moves rapidly. We’ll discuss your estimated date based on supplier availability, allowing our team to work quickly without compromising the quality of the flooring or disrupting operations.

If you need new carpets or flooring, Graham Lee Carpets has the most comprehensive selection at the best prices. Call or visit our showroom to discuss your options.