Karndean Flooring in Surrey is a Great Choice of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Karndean Flooring, Surrey - Transform Your Home With A beautiful luxury vinyl tile

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Do you want comfortable and stylish floors in your Surrey home or business? Karndean flooring is a popular choice for its attractiveness, affordability, and durability. 

At Graham Lee Carpets, we supply and fit a wide range of Karndean vinyl floors, including customised design flooring options. As a recognised Karndean stockist, we deliver for both residential and commercial interior décor projects in Surrey. Look no further than Graham Lee Carpets for the latest Karndean collections.

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What Is Karndean Flooring?

The Karndean brand has sold flooring materials since 1973. The company’s most popular product is its luxury vinyl flooring. Karndean vinyl flooring replicates the look and feel of traditional stone, wood, marble, slate, ceramic, and other premium flooring options. Because they cost less, Karndean floors are a budget-friendly alternative for boosting your interior’s attractiveness and comfort.

Aside from natural-material designs, Karndean floors also come in a wide range of shapes, colours, sizes, and effects. You can find options to create a bespoke look for your home or business. If you have trouble selecting a design, our Karndean flooring fitters can show you options that fit your unique preferences.

Some of the most popular Karndean designs among Surrey homeowners are the Karndean Art Select collection, the Karndean Van Gogh collection, the Michelangelo, the Knight Tile, the Opus, and the Da Vinci. 

The Art Select collection includes wood- and stone-effect floors. The Van Gogh collection is the most popular, especially among people who love wood flooring. It replicates real timber flooring but without the high maintenance and installation costs. You can get it in different colours and designs, and its texture and grain detail can pass as a real wood floor.

The Da Vinci is available in a range of wood- and stone-textured vinyl planks and tiles. Find the perfect design for your home or other interiors by scheduling a free consultation with Graham Lee – the number one Karndean supplier in Surrey.

Why Choose Karndean Flooring?

Below are some of the benefits of flooring with Amtico in your home or business:

Diverse Style Range

Aside from wood- and stone-effect designs, flooring from Karndean comes in various patterns and colours. The Art Select collection is full of options, ensuring that you can find something that best fits your vision. Our Karndean flooring installers can help you create something new by combining different styles to develop an original look.

Ease Of Maintenance

Unlike regular wood or stone floors that are tedious and pricey to maintain, Karndean vinyl floors are super easy to clean. 

High Durability

Flooring from Karndean is scratch-, dent-, and stain-resistant, which means you can enjoy it for years without issues. When it is time to remove the flooring, you can rest easy, knowing that it is 100% recyclable.

Comfort & Silence Underfoot

Compared to the wood and stone flooring it resembles, Karndean vinyl flooring makes less noise when walked on. It is also comfier and warmer against the soles of your feet.


Child Friendliness

Falling on a Karndean floor hurts less than slipping on a wood or other solid floor. The flooring material also doesn’t hold pollen or other allergens, which makes it less of a health risk to children.

Get all these benefits and more by hiring a recognised Karndean fitter to supply and fit your flooring. Graham Lee Carpets has fitted hundreds of Karndean vinyl floors over the years, with excellent results. Count on us to deliver the same service quality to your Surrey home.

Our Karndean Flooring Showrooms

Are you searching for “Karndean flooring near me”? If so, you are in the right place. Check out Karndean floors on our Graham Lee Carpets website. Better yet, visit one of our showrooms to view the products we have in stock and get answers from our approved Karndean fitters. Consultations are free, and you can schedule a visit by phone. Walk-ins are also welcome.

We have a Karndean showroom in Cheam, Worcester Park, and Ewell in Surrey. We also serve customers throughout Southeast England and London. 

Karndean Flooring Installation

As Surrey’s leading flooring contractors, we can provide you with a diverse range of Karndean floor options for almost any room. We can install Karndean floors in your home, as well as in business premises–such as corporate offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Our fitters can install Karndean vinyl on existing ceramic tiles, wood, and other floors. We can also fit it over underfloor heating without issues. The product’s stain resistance makes it ideal for kitchens, but we don’t recommend installing it outdoors or in wet environments, such as bathrooms.

Contact us to discuss your Karndean flooring project in Surrey and get a free estimate on installation. 

We Fit Karndean In The Whole of Surrey

Karndean Flooring Laying Patterns

Our fitters can advise you on the best laying patterns for your desired aesthetic with a Karndean vinyl floor. Popular options include:


Parquet Karndean Flooring

It is elegant and works well in most home spaces. We can mix colour and patterns to create a parquet design that’s unlike anything that exists.


Karndean Herringbone Flooring

The traditional herringbone pattern lets you achieve a classic look within your space. We also lay modern designs, such as the broken or framed herringbone.


Straight-lay plank and tile options are available. We can create something distinct by combining various tile and plank sizes.


Patterned Karndean Flooring

Patterned designs come in various attractive styles, including geometric, Victorian, and monochrome patterns. You can also get patterned flooring in exciting colours that fit your aesthetic preferences.

Karndean or Amtico Flooring?

For decades, Karndean and Amtico flooring have remained the preferred vinyl floor options for Surrey residents. Both products share several similarities, but each also has unique features that set it apart.

Karndean is typically slightly more affordable, than Amtico floors. Another exciting feature is that Karndean floors have a glossier finish, which makes them more attractive at a glance.

If you cannot decide between Karndean and Amtico for your next home flooring project, please call us to schedule a free consultation.