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Karndean Flooring, London, is Popular Amongst Many Homeowners

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Do you want the elegance and prestige that installing wood, marble, or stone floors in your London home can bring? Get that and more at a pocket-friendly price by contacting Graham Lee Carpets for Karndean flooring, London.

Our Karndean fitters have decades of experience installing various vinyl floor designs from the brand. Contact us today to explore our Karndean luxury-vinyl flooring products, and get a free quote.

Why Karndean Flooring is Popular

Karndean flooring is a favourite among London homeowners for several reasons, including:


Karndean vinyl tiles are among the most affordable luxury vinyl flooring on the market. Despite its affordability, the product does not compromise on durability or comfort. 

Wide Range Of Designs

Karndean vinyl flooring comes in various shapes, colours, designs, and patterns. The most popular Karndean London flooring styles imitate real wood, stone, and marble floors. The effect is an interior that looks stately but costs less to install and maintain. You can also get it in various colours and abstract patterns.


Karndean vinyl floors are suitable for installation in almost any room. For instance, the product’s water- and stain-resistance make it ideal for kitchens. The flooring material is also scratch- and dent-resistant, which makes it suitable for high foot-traffic areas, including in commercial establishments.

Ease Of Maintenance

Maintaining Karndean flooring is a breeze. It doesn’t require polishing to maintain its gloss. Clean it with a mop and mild detergent, and the flooring will look new. If a portion of the flooring gets damaged, you can remove and replace only the affected vinyl tiles, instead of the entire floor. 

Superb Comfort

Unlike regular tile, wood, stone, or marble floors that are hard and cold to the touch, Karndean flooring is warm and soft underfoot. Its cosiness makes it a practical choice for elevating your home’s comfort.

The Karndean Ranges Ranges

Karndean’s range of floors offers design options that you can install to best express your vision and style. As the leading Karndean stockist in London, we at Graham Lee Carpets supply and install the following flooring designs and more: 

Karndean Art Select

Art Select Range

The range features vinyl tiles styled to look exactly like a wood or stone floor. The finishing on the product gives it a texture that also feels very natural.

Da Vinci Range

The range offers premium vinyl flooring in the form of wood planks and ceramic and stone tiles. Various textures and colour options are available, including classic and modern designs.

Van Gogh Range

The Van Gogh is available as large wood plank tiles that resemble real timber. Installing it at home will boost not just your interior’s beauty, but also your property’s value.


Opus is a modern flooring design from Karndean. It includes large planks and tiles that feature contemporary grey patterns and concrete effects. 

The Heritage Collection

If you have ever wanted your home’s interior to resemble a grand Victorian or Regency villa, the Karndean Heritage collection is for you. Its floor designs include striking monochrome patterns, elegant traditional patterns, and more.

Visit our Karndean showroom to see these styles and the others we have in stock. If you have trouble picking a design, our Karndean flooring installers can provide you with all the expert guidance you need. We can tailor recommendations to fit your budget, interior décor specifications, and more.

Our Karndean Flooring Expertise

Have you been searching for “Karndean flooring near me”? Nobody in London does Karndean floor supply and fitting like us. 

We set ourselves apart by being the Karndean supplier in London with the best prices. If another Karndean London stockist offers you a lower price, we are ready to beat their quote.

Aside from supplying Karndean products, we also provide top-notch installation service to residents of London and the whole  of South London. Our Karndean flooring fitters can handle any installation project, regardless of the scale. Because Karndean floors are easy to install, the fitting process is straightforward and requires minimal preparation. 

Contact us to discuss your flooring requirements, and we will provide you with a free quote.

We Fit Karndean To The Following Areas In London

Karndean Flooring Inspiration & Ideas

Selecting a preference from the wide range of Karndean floor options for your London home or business can be overwhelming. Let our experienced Karndean flooring fitters simplify the process by narrowing your choices to options that match your budget and other specifications.

Our Karndean London fitters can also recommend the best laying pattern options for your selected flooring design. Herringbone, straight lay plank, basketweave plank, parquet, and ship decking plank are all popular laying pattern options.

Alternatively, use the Karndean Style Finder and Mood Boards tools to explore design options for your home. The Style Finder helps interior decorators, architects, and others find Karndean floor designs for their project. You can also use the Style Finder to create personalised mood boards that will link you to flooring products.

Finishing touches are just as important when it comes to flooring. Use your preferred wood or stone border or design strips to personalise your installed floor. Available border choices include keyline, tramline, and decorative options. 

Keyline borders use a single strip to define the edges of the floor and make it more attractive. Tramline borders perform the same function, but with multiple strips for added emphasis on the floor’s edges. Decorative or range patterned borders let you personalise your space with a border design that heightens the floor’s visual appeal.

Are you ready to start your Karndean London luxury vinyl flooring project? Contact Graham Lee Carpets to get started on making your vision a reality. Our services are available in South London. And we also provide Karndean Flooring in Surrey.

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