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Be it a professional or home environment, a carpet is a classic flooring choice that is suitable for every situation or scenario. There is no other flooring material that can replicate the softness and warmth of a carpet underfoot.

Though some might take it lightly, shopping for quality carpets for your Woking, Surrey, home is a crucial project and significant financial investment. On top of that, with all the various carpet tiles, types, styles, and brands, making a decision can be overwhelming.

Add one of the many high-pressure salespeople you often have to deal with in carpet stores, and you begin to understand how frustrating it is to shop for new quality carpets.

When you are shopping for carpets in Woking, Surrey, make the process a lot more straightforward by turning to Graham Lee Carpets flooring company. Nobody knows flooring and carpet fitting like us.

At Graham Lee Carpets, we have the experience and reputation of providing customers with an all-in-one service that is unmatched by other luxury carpet fitters in Surrey, handling everything from carpet design to fitting.

We strive to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with the carpet we fit their Surrey property. We provide them with complete transparency, regular communication throughout the entire process, and an amazing customer experience.

From initial home consultation, design, and fitting, our carpet fitters will work with them every step of the way. Contact us today to see our showroom and schedule your home visit.


Did you know we don't just do carpets?

Did you know we actually fit a huge range of different types of flooring in Woking. Ranging from the most luxury brands of vinyl such as Karndean or Amtico, to the more budget laminate flooring options, we’ve got your home covered.

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Karndean, Amtico and Polyflor


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Carpets in Woking

When you shop for carpets in Woking, Surrey, the secret is to ensure that the type of carpet you pick matches with the space perfectly. If you are looking for a carpet to replace the wood flooring in your home, you might want to opt for carpet types that offer a more luxurious texture.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a carpet for industrial use or for a school, office, hotel, a hard-wearing carpet is better. This is because such locations have high traffic and require carpets that do not readily show dirt.

Regardless of your need, we have an extensive collection that is sure to suit you perfectly. We know how essential flooring is to your property. As such, we are dedicated to providing anyone looking for carpets in Woking with fast and straightforward carpet installation services.

Our experience, high-quality work, and consistency have been key to seeing this family-run carpet store grow to become a carpet and flooring business with a stellar reputation and multiple locations throughout South-eastern England.

Contact our store today and let us provide you with the carpet fitting service you need to ensure your property looks as wonderful as it possibly can. From high-class vinyl and wood flooring to lovely wool carpets, at Graham Lee Carpet, you will find the best flooring and carpets Woking has to offer

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Some of The Types of Carpet & Flooring in Woking

It can be easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed with the many carpet samples our vast collection has. To make things a bit more straightforward, we thought we’d take you through some of the types of carpet and flooring we have available in Woking.

When it comes to carpets, you will generally find two main types, woven and tufted.

Woven carpets feel silky and soft and, as their name suggests, are carpets that are woven using materials such as loom.

On the other hand, tufted carpets have a cheaper finish and include options like shag, twist, velvet, and flatweave carpeting. Seeing that such carpets are quicker and easier to make, most people tend to prefer them over woven carpets.

With flooring, there are several different types, though there are some types that are more commonly used than others. One of the most common types of flooring is hardwood flooring, which is a type made from wood that is cut from a tree of your choice. Hardwood flooring comes in two different types of finishes, pre-finished and unfinished hardwood.

Laminate is another type of flooring. Laminate is perfect if you are interested in achieving the hardwood look but do not have the budget to accommodate the pricey hardwood flooring option. Ceramic tile flooring is excellent for those looking for more versatility. You could choose between porcelain, quarry, terracotta tiles, and glazed ceramic.

How to Choose the Perfect Carpet in Woking

The right carpet will instantly transform your room, soften its look, and absorb noise, ultimately creating a cosy environment for you and your family. When it comes to cheap carpet, Woking has a few options. But which are the best?

To ensure that you end up with the perfect carpet for your Woking property, here are some of the factors you should consider.

Your Lifestyle

If you lead a quiet lifestyle, then consider going for a plush pile carpet in a flat colour. On the other hand, if you have a few children and pets running around, then a hard-wearing carpet is something you should look at getting.

Carpet Colour

Light colours will make your home seem larger, while dark colours will make it appear cosier. Alternatively, you could opt to combine both colours in a neutral blend.

Fibre Type

You could fit your room with a carpet that is 100% wool, or one that has a wool-nylon mix. Wool carpets are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Alternatively, you could get a solution-dyed nylon carpet. They are soft to touch and fade resistant.


Carpets have different cut and loop piles. Cut piles like plush piles will give you a luxurious, squishy feel. Alternatively, loop piles come in different variations. A ribbed pattern will give the carpet a sisal look, while random piles will give it a casual, textured finish.

Want To Make Your Woking Home Look Wonderful?

Your carpet and flooring can do wonders for your home’s final appearance. To ensure that final appearance is perfectly in line with your desires, turn to Graham Lee Carpets. We are a family-run flooring company that has been providing Woking homes with perfect flooring for over 60 years.

Our staff has the necessary experience and expertise, allowing us to attend to all the carpeting needs of our customers. During the home consultation, we will measure your space ourselves. Then, we will take you through the various samples we feel would work perfectly for it, helping you make the most suitable choice.

We will organize a fitting, picking a date and time that accommodates your schedule. During the home visit, our on-site fitting team will take note of every minute detail. After fitting your property with your high-quality carpet, we will return your furniture back to its original position before leaving your address to dispose of your old flooring and any waste.

The best part is that our store will offer you all these products and services at the exact same price of any quote you will get from our competitors.

If you are looking for carpets and rugs in Woking, Surrey, look no further than Graham Lee Carpets. Contact our Woking team today to get your free estimate and find out more information about the carpeting service we provide.