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Flooring & Carpets, Wimbledon

As you live with a carpet for long enough, a lot can happen to it over the years: set-in stains, water damage, or even just general wear and tear that makes it look shabby. With wear, your carpets are likely to continue to worsen until they become eyesores that bring down the appeal of your entire home.

While you can possibly prevent or reverse that deterioration with proper care and maintenance, many of us do not have the time, given the busy lives we lead today. One day, you wake up and realize that the time has come for you to purchase a new carpet or carpets, or another type of flooring, for your London home.

Fortunately, our flooring experts at Graham Lee Carpets are ready to assist you with our wide range of first-rate services. With our broad selection of floor coverings and our expert advice, you’ll be able to pick out the style of carpet or wood flooring that fits your unique taste and the needs of your home. 

At Graham Lee Carpets, we will transform your household into one of the most comfortable places in London. We are happy to provide customers with in-store advice or come out for a home consultation.

We are not just carpet retailers, either. As a 61-year-old family business, we have many years of hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of carpet and flooring installation, making us one of Wimbledon and Greater London’s best carpet fitters. We’ve been in business since 1960 when founders Fred Whant and Fred Kemp opened our first store in Mitcham, naming it by combining the names of their eldest sons, Graham Whant and Lee Kemp. Today, our stores are in Cheam, Worcester Park, and Ewell, but we serve a far wider area from our South London base.

Carpets in Wimbledon

Our Shops are able to advise on a wide range of flooring

At our carpet store serving Wimbledon, we also offer a lot more than just carpets:

Types of Carpet in Wimbledon

One of the most complicated things about fitting new carpets or flooring into a Wimbledon home or business is navigating the wide range of choices available. Because of the diversity of flooring solutions, carpet shops supply a large variety of carpet/flooring that differ in design, material, and comfort. The best way to find carpets/flooring that fits your home is by knowing about all the different types. For carpets, these types include:

Synthetic Carpet Wool Nylon MIx

Nylon Carpet – South London businesses and residences often choose nylon flooring for their interiors because of its inherent resilience. Nylon is probably the best option for any home or store that experiences heavy foot traffic because nylon will last many years despite heavy use

Polyester carpet

Polyester Carpet – London home and business owners choose polyester carpeting when they want stain resistance similar to nylon but at a less expensive price. This material is softer but doesn’t stand up as well over time, as it gradually becomes crushed under heavy foot traffic.

Wool carpet in Wimbledon

Wool Carpet – Using wool as carpet flooring is ideal for homes. It’s soft and pleasant to the touch, naturally repels dirt, and resists crushing better than polyester. However, wool carpets can be costly and high-maintenance, requiring frequent upkeep to ward off insects and eliminate stains.

Choosing the Right Type of Home Carpets, Wimbledon

While the range of flooring products can be daunting at first, our in-store sales teams at Graham Lee Carpets have extensive knowledge of fitting homes with carpets and flooring that complement your style. Wimbledon residents can feel at ease knowing that, with our decades of experience in the flooring industry, you’ll be able to have your dream floor covering.

To keep from becoming overwhelmed with choice in the store, you can focus on a few specific traits to help you select the carpets, vinyl, or wood flooring that match your needs and tastes. The most important one is figuring out where you will place them, which informs everything about the most appropriate type of carpets to get for different areas of your Wimbledon home.

If you need carpeting for somewhere that sees a lot of traffic, we recommend nylon and wool as durable carpeting materials that can withstand being walked on all day. While polyester is very plush and one of the best-feeling flooring options, it tends to get matted down after much foot traffic, so it’s best for the house’s less-travelled areas.

While in our carpet shop or browsing samples of distinctive brands with an interior designer, remember that carpet tiles can serve as an excellent tool in deciding upon the possible look and feel of your home’s floor.

Other Flooring Types (Vinyl, Laminate, Commercial)

In addition to carpets, our Graham Lee Carpet team is quite experienced in recommending and installing several other flooring types. Wimbledon customers can order professional fitting and installation services for vinyl, laminate, and commercial flooring from our website. No matter which flooring solutions you pick, our team is ready with fast and courteous service for any area in your home or business.

Each flooring option offers distinct benefits to our Wimbledon customers.

Karndean Flooring In Hallway

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl and luxury vinyl are flooring options that home and business owners often use to replace higher-maintenance floors such as wall-to-wall carpeting. Vinyl is cost-effective and durable, able to withstand large amounts of punishment while still providing quality comfort. For added quality, at Graham Lee Carpets, we can supply Amtico vinyl tiles, a luxury vinyl flooring option that comes in a multitude of different designs. Amtico vinyl flooring can achieve the look of stone, tile, or wood.

Baltiero Laminate Floor

Laminate Flooring

Interior designers often use laminate flooring for Wimbledon buildings in place of more expensive wood or stone materials. It’s not quite as durable as standard or luxury vinyl tiles but is a solid, low-maintenance option for Wimbledon kitchens, hallways, and bedroom floors.

Amtico designers choice flooring

Commercial Flooring

Here at Graham Lee Carpets, we provide a wide range of flooring options from several leading brands as part of our commercial flooring service. From safety flooring to rubber flooring to wood flooring, our team of fitters will ensure that any Wimbledon business, school, or hospital will get the best floors possible. Our cost and service are unbeatable.

Why Choose Graham Lee Carpets?

Since 1960, the Graham Lee Carpets team has dedicated ourselves to providing quality flooring solutions for every customer of every store and online customers. As a third-generation family-run business, our store has mastered carpet- and floor-fitting down to an art.

We provide a comprehensive, personal service that will meet your needs better than any other London carpet shop. Wimbledon clients can rest easy knowing that our decades of experience will be put to use, transforming their households’ flooring to their tastes. Our selection of the best brands in the industry in both carpet and flooring materials make us the one-stop carpet shop.

We pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and exhaustive services. Our team will provide advice and work with you every step of the way, from picking a style of flooring from all the different brands to fitting and installation. We’ll keep in frequent communication so that you’ll know when the job is done, and we keep our schedule flexible in case of unexpected circumstances.

Call Graham Lee Carpets for a Consultation

If you’re looking for top flooring and carpet solutions to renovate Wimbledon residential or commercial properties, be sure to call our closest store to set up an appointment with a Graham Lee Carpets representative today! Please see our contact page or call us direct on: tel 020 8642 9796 or 020 8337 1778.