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Carpets, Amtico Flooring and Laminate Flooring in Tadworth

There are many different reasons for customers in Tadworth to visit a Graham Lee carpet shop. They may have just bought a new house in the area and want to put their own stamp on it with new carpets, or they may be renovating a bathroom or a kitchen and want to install a classy vinyl surface such as Amtico flooring. Another possibility could be that their current carpets are worn and frayed and they want to go for a whole new look with stylish, durable and practical laminate flooring.


Whatever they choose, the experienced flooring and carpet suppliers at Graham Lee Carpets (with branches in Cheam and Worcester Park) stock and install surfaces which will not only give Tadworth properties a fantastic new look, but which will also ensure that fantastic new look lasts for many years to come. Pop into one of our two branches today if you would like to see what’s on offer.


This page provides a brief history on our most popular surfaces and gives you a clear idea on how far each one of them has come.


A History of Carpets

This section of our website looks at the history of carpets, laminate flooring and our market-leading vinyl floor covering, Amtico flooring. It also explains how each one could benefit your home or commercial premises in Tadworth. Carpets and rugs date back to 464BC. They were discovered in Outer Mongolia by archaeology experts in 1960. Since then, there have been many ‘twists’ and turns which have brought us to where we are today.


Marco Polo confirmed seeing rugs in Indian, Chinese and Tunisian territories on his travels, while Queen Elizabeth I actually ordered carpets to be made to her taste. The likes of Wilton and Axminster influenced the nation for several centuries.


Fast-forward to the present day, and each Graham Lee carpet shop has a diverse range of carpets to choose from. As consumer demands change, we change with them to preserve our reputation as trusted carpet suppliers and to fulfil the needs of customers in Tadworth and Surrey. Call into your nearest carpet shop today to speak with one of our sales team. With over 2,000 years of history, carpets are still a timeless surface to adorn any property.


Modern Laminate Flooring and Amtico & Karndean flooring

Laminate flooring was born out Sweden in the late 1970’s but it wasn’t till the 1980’s that the surface started to take off not just in Tadworth, but across the UK. Back then, laminate flooring had a tendency to warp and split so quality issues had to be seriously addressed. We know from experience how flimsy original laminate flooring was, and how often it needed to be replaced in a much shorter timespan than today’s more modern products.


Since the 1980’s, technology and manufacturing standards have improved massively. Today, laminate flooring lasts for decades with no visible signs of wear and tear. Visit your nearest Graham Lee carpet shop and discover how this easily-installed, environmentally-friendly and hygienic surface can look great in any Tadworth home, or those in the surrounding areas.


Amtico flooring is the height of modern sophistication. The company started out from humble beginnings in the 1960’s and through innovative design, Amtico and Karndean flooring has developed to become the hard-wearing, durable and stylish vinyl surface we know and love today. Amtico is a market-leading luxury floor tile providing home and business owners in Tadworth with low maintenance and cost-effective solutions. It is an ideal material for customers with grand design aspirations but an intermediate-sized budget.


Call into your preferred carpet shop today and choose from a vast range of surfaces for your home or workplace in Tadworth. As trusted flooring and carpet suppliers, we can help you choose from a vast range of textured and coloured carpets to suit. Or, if you’d prefer to fit out your property with Amtico flooring or laminate flooring, we can help with that too.


If you live in Tadworth and need advice from friendly laminate flooring, Amtico flooring and luxury carpet suppliers, call us now on 020 8642 9796.


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